Russian prisoners in abundance

The number of prison inmates in Russia continues to grow. The country now has 900 thousand inmates, of which 10,000 are under-aged and 65,000 women. At the same time, the industry employs as many as 355,000 people.


The exact number of inmates in Russia is 892,300 reports with reference to Interfax. The number is higher than the previous years. Of the inmates, 722,000 are in prison camps, while 160,000 are in trapped in investigation isolators. The number of under-aged individuals in the prisons is 10,000 the news sites report. 745 children live with their mothers in the prisons. The Russian prison sector remains a major Russian industry with as many as 355,300 employees. That is one employee per 2-3 prisoner. Russia has 766 prison colonies, 217 investigation isolators, seven regular prisons, 160 temporary isolators and 62 prison institutions for under-aged, reports.