Gazprom extends Arctic railway

The Ob-Bovanenkovo railway (map by

The world’s northernmost railway line will be taken further.


The line, which was built by Gazprom as supply line to the huge Bovanenkovo gas field, will be taken further north to Kharasevey, regional Governor Dmitry Kobylkin confirms to journalists.

Regional authorities and Gazprom have already agreed about formalities with the project, reports.

As previously reported, the Bovanenkovo railway was officially opened early 2011. The 572 km long connection ends up in the station of Obskaya, where it joins ends with the national Russian railway grid.

The gas-rich Yamal Peninsula is top priority for Gazprom, which is now investing big sums in regional field development. The 4,9 trillion cubic meter Bovanenkovo field is due to come into production in 2012, after which several more regional fields are in line. Among them is the Kharasaveyskoye, another huge field, located not far north of the Bovanenkovo.

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Unlike other Russian railway lines, the Obskaya-Bovanenkovo line is owned by Gazprom. As previously reported, the Russian Railways have been invited to take over the line, but has shown little interest.

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In addition to railway and field development in Yamal, Gazprom is also investing in the laying of the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline.