Three days processing of visa-applications is history. “Always apply at least 15 days prior to scheduled departure. Our processing time is 10 days,” says Marit Egholm Jacobsen, head of the visa section at Norway’s Consulate General in Murmansk.

Russian President calls on the Federal Security Service (FSB) collegium to make priority to Arctic border infrastructure.

Salla Border Station

Person number 100.000 in 2010 crossed the Salla border station on the Finnish-Russian border this week, breaking a new barrier for the border station.


The much-announced roadmap for visa-free traveling between Russia and the EU will not be presented as planned at the upcoming Russia-EU Summit in Nizhny Novgorod.

Russia and Poland give millions of people in their border areas the right to cross the border without visa.

The Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence says the construction of a brand new and modern border checkpoint to Russia must start in 2013 to meet the booming traffic.

IVALO: Passengers from Murmansk find it attractive to cross the border to Finland and Norway when flying to European destinations. Border crossings between Russia and Lapland have increased with 41 percent so far this year.

Good neighbors give boost in border-crossings. Never before have so many people crossed the Norwegian, Russian border in one month.

The first days of May have been all time high for border-crossings at Russia’s northernmost check-points to Europe.

The cross-border cooperation between Norway and Russia has had huge impact on local business in the border towns of Nikel and Kirkenes, especially since the introduction of visa-free border crossings.

PASVIK VALLEY: Norwegian Minister of Defence Ine Eriksen Søreide opens a brand new € 17 million border station, as Norway’s military cooperation with the Russian neighbour is put on hold.

The number of visas issued by the Finnish Consulate General in St.Petersburg has dropped to the same level as in 2011. Only in the first half of December the demand for visas fell 40 percent.

Even though most diplomatic contacts are on freezing level between Norway and Russia, there are no changes for the annual Norwegian-Russian search and rescue exercises in the Barents Sea.


Finland’s Interior Minister announces measures to step up controls on the country’s Lapland border to Sweden and set up refugee reception centers in the region.

Arctic claims (Univ. of Durham)

Of the 22 worldwide seabed claims submitted to the U.N. commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, the most serious potential for disputes is in the Arctic, writes The New York Times. Canada, Denmark, Norway and Russia all have competing claims.