Norway’s tax list revealed

Norwegian economy

Today, October 20th is the day when the Norwegian tax authorities release the official records showing last year’s income of every Norwegian taxpayer. You can search the lists online.


The annual list includes all Norwegians that had income in one or another way. The list also includes the persons overall wealth and how much the persons paid in tax. Most interesting, and unlike most other countries in the world, the lists are online and searchable for everyone with access to internet.

Therefore, today’s online newspapers in Norway are filled up with articles about who earned most. Norwegians search their neighbors, their friends, colleagues, family, famous people and politicians.

A quick search made by BarentsObserver this morning shows that the County Governors of Northern Norway – all members of the Barents Regional Council – have a rather normal income and none of them have a personal fortune.

Odd Eriksen, County Governor of Nordland
Income NOK 619,157 (€75,507) Overall wealth NOK 0. Tax NOK 255,132 (€31,114)

Pia Svensgaard, County Governor of Troms
Income NOK 665,364 (€81,142). Tax NOK 265,576 (€32,387).

Runar Sjastad, County Governor of Finnmark 
Income NOK 576,548 (€70,311). Tax NOK 216,676 (€26,424).

On the other hand, the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre had a income of NOK 1,342,994 (€163,780) and a personal overall wealth of NOK 39,377,332 (€4,802,114). Støre paid 931,816 (€113,636) in tax last year.

If you want to search the income of a Norwegian, try the online searchable data-bases at the portal of the Norwegian Tax Authorities. Just fill in first name,  family name and the name of the municipality where the person is living.