Typhoons will stay in service until 2019

Typhoon class submarine

The two remaining subs of the Typhoon class, the world’s largest nuclear powered submarines, will stay in service until 2019, says Head of the Russian Navy Vladimir Vystosky. The subs are now awaiting overhaul.


Admiral Vysotsky last year announced that the two remaining Typhoon submarines, “Severstal” and “Arkhangelsk”, would not be scrapped, but put back into service. On Friday he said that they will stay in service until 2019, RIA Novosti reports.

- They have good modernization potential, the admiral said. According to RIA Novosti, several ways of modernization are under consideration, but a final resolution has not yet been made.

The two vessels are awaiting overhaul at a naval base in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Three of the originally built six Typhoon-class submarines are scrapped. The decommissioning work on the last of these was completed in the beginning of June 2009, as reported.

The Dmitry Donskoy submarine has been modernized as a test platform for Russia’s new Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The 175 meter (574 feet) long and 24,000 tons heavy vessel is the largest nuclear powered submarine ever built. During the Cold War the six Typhoon-class submarines were based at the naval base in Zapadnaya Litsa, only some 50 kilometers from the border to Norway.