National security boss concerned about Arctic

Arctic environment is under pressure from the oil industry, Russia's Security Council admits.

The number of risks connected with developments in the Arctic is increasing, secretary of Russia’s Security Council says.


Nikolay Patrushev believes environmental security will be critical for the international community in the years ahead and especially voices concern about the situation in the Arctic. Talking with newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, the Security Council Secretary underlines that the increasing intensity in Arctic oil extraction will ultimately lead also to higher environmental risks in the region.

“We are carefully assessing these risks and envisage a system for risk neutralization”, Patrushev says. According to the high-ranking official, a set of new procedures on state examination of industrial projects and possible environmental hazards could be introduced.

The statements from Patrushev come as Gazprom opens the first ever Russian oil field in Arctic waters and Rosneft pursues with its ambitious exploration activities in the region.

The national security leader at the same time underpins Russia’s close cooperation with foreign countries in the area. “The Arctic region is becoming an utmost important arena for interaction between Russian and its foreign partners in the area of international, military, energy and information security”, he highlights.