Barents bicycle enthusiast killed in accident

Anatoly Lipin received the Barents Prize 2006 on behalf of Pilgrim bicycle club from Severomorsk from Barents Cooperation founder Thorvald Stoltenberg.

Leader of Pilgrim bicycle club Anatoly Lipin was hit by a car on the road between Murmansk and Kirkenes Wednesday afternoon.


Pilgrim bicycle club was on their way from Severomorsk to Norway on their annual tour around the Barents Region. The group included eight children from 10 to 16 years old. 

The accident happened after the group had a rest in the Pechenga area. A car driving the opposite direction tried to avoid hitting one of the children when he hit Anatoly Lipin (62). According to the police report, Lipin died at the scene from the injuries. None of the children was injured. The group is now taken back to Severomorsk.

In 2006, Anatoly Lipin received the Barents Prize from Thorvald Stoltenberg. The prize was awarded to Pilgrim bicycle club for their great work for children and youth cycling across the Barents Region to meet other people and establish contacts. 

The tour that ended tragically Wednesday was the 14th year in a row the Pilgrim club were bicycling the Barents Region.