Russia grants €10 million to Arctic environment

Barrels with waste-oil on Franz Josef Land.

- We want the Arctic to be clean, says Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Yuri Trutnev.


The Russian government agrees to put cash on the table for implementation of the Arctic Council’s environmental priority projects.

The funding will go to pollution preventing initiatives in the Arctic and the funds will be administrated by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).

The Russian Federation has launched an extensive clean-up initiative to address environmental legacies impacting the Arctic. We have 194 hotspots  in all Russian territory  including the Arctic to address and we welcome cooperation with NEFCO, not only on financing of the Arctic initiatives but also on exchange of knowledge and opinions, and appropriate technology transfer, Trutnev says.

Also NEFCO expresses their satisfaction with the Russian contribution to the Arctic Council’s priority projects for eliminating eco-hot-spots in the High North.

- We are extremely delighted with the fact that the Russian government is taking an active role in supporting environmental protection in the Arctic region. The financial boost provided under this agreement will enable us to finance a wide range of environmental projects in the Russian Arctic within the near future, says NEFCO’s Managing Director, Magnus Rystedt.