Marina Kovtun among top-five in media ranking

Marina Kovtun was appointed Governor of Murmansk Oblast in April 2012.

Marina Kovtun of Murmansk is ranked as number four of all governors of Russia when it comes to media openness, a recent survey shows.


Of all the Governors in Russia’s North-Western Federal District, Marina Kovtun of Murmansk Oblast is the most cited one. She was in fact the fourth cited Governor in all of Russia during the month of May, a survey by the Institute for Independent Political Research shows, B-port writes.

The three most cited governors in May were Mikhail Menj from Ivanovo Oblast, Nikita Belykh from Kirov Oblast and Vladimir Miklushevsky from Primorsky Kray.

The survey is based on the number of publications where a governor directly or indirectly speaks versus the number of publications where the governor’s name is mentioned.

In addition to being cited in federal or regional media, the survey counts the number of posts in social media and tweets in Twitter. 

The most-tweeting governor in Russia is Nikita Belykh, who had 683 posts to his followers in May only. Kovtun opened her Twitter account in January and has tweeted 299 times so far.