Murmansk journalist killed in Ukraine

Igor Kornelyuk was killed in a shelling in Eastern Ukraine today. (Photo from Rossiya24 via B-Port)

A Murmansk journalist working as correspondent for the State Radio and Television Company VGTRK in Ukraine was killed in a shelling attack in Lugansk in Ukraine today.


Igor Kornelyuk was working as a reporter for the Russian channel Rossiya in Eastern Ukraine when he was seriously injured in a shelling attack near Lugansk on Tuesday. He was taken to hospital, where he later died of the injuries, RIA Novosti reports. It was first reported that an operator from Rossiya24 also was killed in the shelling, but he is now reported missing, Interfax reports.

Kornelyuk had been working for GTRK Murmansk since October 2013 before he was assigned to Ukraine in the beginning of June.

According to Voice of Russia, Lugansk’s government has declared a state of emergency as Ukrainian forces began shelling the city and villages nearby on Monday.