Ready for Arctic Race of Norway

Arctic Race of Norway covers 708 km and runs through Finnmark and Troms.

Northern Norway is preparing for the second edition of the Arctic Race of Norway. This year’s race goes through four stages from Alta to Tromsø.


With the success of the 2013 edition of the Arctic Race of Norway which saw 150 000 spectators line the roads, the 2014 edition is set to begin August 14 and run through until August 17. The four stage race will travel approximately 400 kilometers further north than it did last year.

The race is expected to give the northernmost county of Norway much publicity, as it will be broadcasted to 160 countries. Last year’s race, which ran through the magnificent landscapes of Nordland and Troms, had 11.5 million TV-viewers worldwide through Eurosport.

The second edition of the Arctic race of Norway will be made up of 4 stages and will cover a total distance of 708 kilometers.

The first stage starts from Hammerfest, Finnmark on Thursday and venture 200 km to North Cape. The second stage will begin in Honningsvåg and run 200 km to Alta. The third stage goes from Alta to Kvænangsfjellet (132 km). The fourth and final stage begins and ends in Tromsø on Sunday, the race’s web site reads.

Last year’s winner, Norway’s former world cycling champion Thor Hushovd has arrived in Northern Norway to defend his title. Arctic Race of Norway will mark the final time the 36-year-old races on home soil before retiring at the end of the season.

“It’s going to be amazing,” Hushovd said to Cyclingnews. “This race brings cycling to the extreme north of the world!”