Icebreaker for Yamal LNG

The new icebreaker will escort ships to and from the Sabetta port.

Russian state nuclear company Rosatom signs deal on construction of an icebreaker for the Yamal LNG project.


The 10 MW icebreaker will be applied in and around the Sabetta port for operations connected with the Yamal LNG project, Rosatomflot informs in a press release.

The new vessel will be 84 meters long and have a water draft of 6,5 meters. It will be able to break through 1,5 meter thick ice and be ready for operations in 2018 .

The agreement was signed on Thursday by Vyborg Yard leader Aleksandr Solovyov and Head of Rosatomflot Vyacheslav Ruksha.

The Yamal LNG project aims at the out-shipment of an annual of 16,5 million tons of LNG from the Port of Sabetta on the Ob Bay coast. Ice conditions in the area are highly complicated and the main task for the new icebreaker will be to escort arriving and departing vessels to the port.

As previously reported, Rosatomflot has from before signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Yamal LNG consortium on icebreaker assistance in Arctic waters.