Aleksandr Nevsky also to shoot Bulava

The Buleva missile was launched from a submarine in the White Sea, but shortly after something went wrong and the missile went i

With the first successful launch of a Bulava missile from a Borei-class submarine earlier this week, the Russian navy announces that also the second vessel in the class will conduct a launch later this year.


Aleksandr Nevsky” is the second Borei-class strategic submarine. The vessel is at the final stages of construction at the naval yard in Severodvinsk on the coast of the White Sea.

It is RIA Novosti that quotes navy commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky saying that a test launch of Bulava from “Aleksandr Nevsky” will take place later this year.

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On June 28, “Yuri Dologoruky” conducted a test launch of the Bulava, the first ever that took place from the new Borei-class submarine. Earlier sea-launch tests have been carried out from “Dmitri Donskoi” - a Typhoon class submarine re-built for the Bulava missiles. 

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