New frigate to Norway

Frigate KNM Fridtjof Nansen at Haakonsvern base (Wikipedia)

The Norwegian navy has received its fourth new state of the art frigate, the “KNM Helge Ingstad”, from the Navantia shipyard in Ferrol, Spain.


The vessel’s captain Øyvind Bergstrøm and his crew embarked the vessel in Ferrol, where six more weeks of testing awaits them before sailing to Norway, Norwegian Defense web site reads.

In the construction of “KNM Helge Ingstad”, experience from exploitation of the three other frigates was taken into account, thus making her, if possible, an even better ship.

Altogether five frigates have been ordered from the Norwegian Navy. Together they constitute the largest investment the Norwegian Defence has ever has made.

Last month the frigate “KNM Otto Sverdrup” visited the Russian Northern Fleet base Severomorsk with Vice Commander of Norway’s National Joint Headquarter on board. As BarentsObserver reported, this was the first time one of Norway’s frigates visited the Northern Fleet headquarters.

Helge Marcus Ingstad (1899-2001) was a Norwegian adventurer, jurist, writer and researcher. He is known for the discovery and excavation of Norse settlements on New Foundland. The discovery is regarded as proof that the Vikings discovered America 500 years before Colombus, according to Wikipedia.

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