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Trude Pettersen worked for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat from 2008 - 2016 as the assistant editor of BarentsObserver. Trude graduated from the University of Tromsø in 2000 with a MA degree in Russian. She has also studied International Politics and Russia and Eastern Europe Area Studies. 

Content by Trude Pettersen

70 years ago, on September 25 1945, the last Soviet troops left Norway, nearly one year after they liberated the region from Nazi occupation.

The Nenets organization Yasavey Manzara is the first indigenous peoples´ organization in the Barents Region to be declared as “foreign agents”.

Scientists from around the world have launched a new website which makes information about permafrost in the Arctic available to all. 

The Russian Federal Space Agency Roskosmos will open several centers for receiving and processing data from Earth remote sensing satellites in order to support Arctic development.

Bankruptcy looms for iron-ore miner Sydvaranger in Kirkenes as subcontractor stops deliveries of spare parts.

For the first time, Norway’s gas exports is now worth more than its exports of oil.

Russia’s new diesel-electric submarine Novorossiysk has completed the journey from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea.

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan completed the journey from Murmansk to the Bering Strait one day ahead of schedule.

As temperatures warm in the Arctic, mosquitoes are able to emerge earlier, grow faster and survive longer – and in higher numbers, according to a new study. 

Keeping a balance between extraction of resources and conservation of the fragile ecosystem is a key priority for Russia, President Vladimir Putin says.