Three days processing of visa-applications is history. “Always apply at least 15 days prior to scheduled departure. Our processing time is 10 days,” says Marit Egholm Jacobsen, head of the visa section at Norway’s Consulate General in Murmansk.

Russian President calls on the Federal Security Service (FSB) collegium to make priority to Arctic border infrastructure.

Almost 5000 asylum seekers have crossed the Norwegian-Russian border since the European migrant crisis arose. The Norwegian government decides to toughen the asylum regulations.

Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende has asked Russia for an explanation to the high number of asylum seekers coming to Norway via Russia. Syrian refugees that have lived in Russia for a long time, will be stopped on the border and sent back.

The number of people crossing the Norwegian-Russian border continues to drop.

More and more refugees from Syria and other countries choose to come to Norway via Russia. In the border town of Kirkenes a second refugee reception center is opening.

Finland’s Interior Minister announces measures to step up controls on the country’s Lapland border to Sweden and set up refugee reception centers in the region.

Norwegian authorities plan to open a refugee reception center in Kirkenes for asylum seekers entering the country via Russia.

Visa applicants from remote areas in northern Norway can still send passport and papers by mail and have them delivered to the visa centre by some locals.

The majority of people seeking asylum in Finland are arriving through the city of Tornio in Lapland, which has an open border with Sweden.

Andrey Vokuev in Naryan-Mar fears for the cooperation between indigenous peoples. Next week, applicants from the Nenets tundra will have to fly to Arkhangelsk to give fingerprints to get a Schengen visa.

Norway’s Consulate General in Murmansk assures that urgent visa applications in Arkhangelsk still can be issued with express delivery. 

People participating in culture-, sport and Barents cooperation projects can from October apply for visa to Norway without paying a single ruble, says Marit Egholm Jacobsen with the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk.

Refugees find Arctic route to Norway via Russia, but appear to shun neighboring Finland.

Travelers from Arkhangelsk are told to apply at least one month prior to departure and should add another 770 rubles in fee.