Some 1000 parents and children in the Komi Republic have received help through the Barents cooperation program “Children and youth at risk”.

Alexander Stubb, famous in the Barents Region for branding the north as the world´s most sexy region, is put on track to take over after Jyrki Katainen.

Regional identity is on the priority list of the new Russian Barents Council chairmanship along with cross-border transportation, climate, culture and tourism. 

A series of high-level talks were held in the run-up to today’s session in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

Statement delivered by Foreign Minister Lavrov ahead of Barents meeting is bound to stir controversy in Finland 

The Norwegians are known as staunch supporters of the Barents Cooperation. But they show a clearly fading engagement in the Barents Regional Council. 

We want to strengthen cross-border regional cooperation in the Barents Region, the new Chair of the Barents Regional Council says.

During his three years in the Federation Council, Konstantin Dobrynin became a vocal critic of current political trends in Russia. Opponents will sigh of relief as he now exits the legislative assembly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed former chief of Olympstroy Sergey Gaplikov as Acting Governor of the Komi Republic. 

The question about who should be accepted as Sámi is under debate after the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland accepted nearly 100 new people as Sámi against the will of the Sámi Parliament.

While election turnout in the neighboring countries is in serious decline, the Swedes still go massively to the polls.   

The onslaught of the political elite in the Komi Republic expands as regional police arrests the mayor of Syktyvkar.

Prosecutors say Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer and 13 other high-ranking politicians are detained on suspicions of serious fraud. Experts believe the arrests rather are linked with political intrigues and controversies between powerful economic interests.

Vyacheslav Gaizer is detained by police suspected for leading a organized crime group in the Komi Republic.

Russia’s leading party United Russia won 79 of 144 seats in local elections on the Kola Peninsula.