China is accelerating its pace in Arctic exploration by publishing its first guide to sailing through the Northern Sea Route.

Greenpeace’s vessel «Arctic Sunrise» has been released after nearly nine months of detention in Murmansk, following the organization’s demonstration against Arctic drilling in the Pechora Sea last fall.

REYKJAVIK: The climatic changes taking place in the Arctic are a call to action for the world. We must answer with more international cooperation and more research, says Tore Hattrem, State Secretary of Norway’s Foreign Ministry.

“Partnership should and shall shape the development of the Arctic, therefore cooperation is the starting point for our Arctic policy,” Vladimir Barbin, Senior Arctic Official and representative to the Arctic Council, said at the Arctic Circle 2015 assembly.

REYKJAVIK: Transit cargo between Europe and Asia plummets, but cargo to and from Russian ports along the Northern Sea Route is increasing considerably, Deputy Minister of Transport Olersky says..

REYKJAVIK: The Arctic Council should learn from the Barents Euro-Arctic cooperation and focus on the regional level when it comes to cooperation in the Arctic, says Rune Rafaelsen, Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

REYKJAVIK: Iceland and Germany are cooperating on building an ice-free, deep-water harbour that can be a hub for Arctic shipping and petroleum activity.

REYKJAVIK: The capital of Iceland stands in the Arctic limelight for the next couple of days, as people from around 50 different countries gather to discuss resources, climate change, security politics and much more at the Arctic Circle assembly.

”They tell me that you have very good bays with deep waters”, the President said to Marina Kovtun.

Scientists from around the world have launched a new website which makes information about permafrost in the Arctic available to all. 

The Russian Federal Space Agency Roskosmos will open several centers for receiving and processing data from Earth remote sensing satellites in order to support Arctic development.

Permafrost may be mostly invisible underground, but the consequences of its thawing will be anything but.

Russian nuclear power company Rosatom proposes to turn retired nuclear-powered icebreakers into drifting research stations.

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan completed the journey from Murmansk to the Bering Strait one day ahead of schedule.

Keeping a balance between extraction of resources and conservation of the fragile ecosystem is a key priority for Russia, President Vladimir Putin says.