China is accelerating its pace in Arctic exploration by publishing its first guide to sailing through the Northern Sea Route.

Greenpeace’s vessel «Arctic Sunrise» has been released after nearly nine months of detention in Murmansk, following the organization’s demonstration against Arctic drilling in the Pechora Sea last fall.

State company Rosneft spends more than 120 million rubles on studies of the Russian polar bear.

Scientists have found a previously unknown giant virus in the permafrost of Siberia, a discovery they say is worrying at a time when such frozen soils are rapidly thawing.

The U.S. Coast Guard vessel Healy became the first U.S. surface ship to reach the North Pole unaccompanied. 

TROMSØ: The difficult situation elsewhere in the world has not spread to the Arctic, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende says as he officially opens the new Arctic Economic Council Secretariat.

Russian scientists are disappointed that a planned Norwegian-Russian polar bear inventory was cancelled because of lack of good will from Russian authorities. 

Arctic sea ice was melting faster than usual in August. This year’s minimum sea ice extent is likely to be the third or fourth lowest in the satellite record. 

Two Norwegian researchers have crisscrossed the great underwater Arctic structure and obtained unique information about its geology.

The center will be conducting meteorological research, Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy says. 

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan intends to make it from Murmansk to the Bering Strait in 14 days without engine power and pit stops.

The nuclear-powered icebreaker “50 Years of Victory” recently completed Russia’s 100th visit to the North Pole with a surface vessel. 

Hillary Clinton used Twitter on Tuesday to declare her opposition to Arctic offshore drilling, and her brief statement was applauded by environmentalists, but denounced by Republicans.

There will be no joint counting of polar bears this year as Russian authorities reject Norwegian reseachers’ entry to the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land.

As one of its cargo ships arrives in Sweden after the transcontinental voyage, shipping company Cosco says it migth boost shipments along the Arctic route.