Loggers protect Arkhangelsk forest

Long negotiations between World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the biggest timber-producer company “Ilim group” resulted in agreement signing on preservation of the valuable forests located in the Southern part of the Arkhangelsk region.


Woodland located in the Krasnoborsky area of the Arkhangelsk region is one of the last almost untouched wildlife areas in Europe. In fact the whole territory of the woodland is rented by several timber production companies and until present was looked upon as a timber source.

Natural value of the woodland was proved by WWF expedition, within which data about a wide biological variety of the territory was gathered, habitats of rear species were pointed out. These species must be protected. For example, reindeer populations are on the edge of extinction, according to dvinainform.

All the companies renting areas in the woodland agreed not to cut trees on the stated territories. This will help to save unique forest ecosystem until it will become a protected area officially.