First winter shipment of oil from Yamal

Novy Port (Novoportovskoye) oil field is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Outonomous Okrug

Gazprom Neft has for the first time sent oil from Yamal along the northern Sea Route in winter conditions. 16.000 tons of crude oil was shipped to European consumers by oil tanker, escorted by a nuclear icebreaker.


The oil from the Novy Port field on the Yamal Peninsula should reach the market in the beginning of March. Gazprom Neft plans to ship more than 50.000 tons of oil this winter season, which lasts until May. Atomflot is providing icebreaker support for Gazprom Neft’s tankers along the Northern Sea Route. -

Novy Port is one of the largest oil and gas condensate fields being developed on the Yamal Peninsula. It is located above the Arctic Circle, some distance away from the oil pipeline transport infrastructure, and shipping is considered the optimal solution for transportation of the crude oil. The port terminal is located at Cape Kamenny about 400 km south of Novatek’s more known Sabetta port. 

Oil is currently being shipped to the coast via a pressurised oil pipeline 100 km long, with an annual capacity of 600,000 tons. Infrastructure developed at the field and on the shore of the Gulf of Ob has enabled the first sea shipment of Novy Port oil to take place in summer 2014. The second stage of the oil pipeline construction began in January, and this will eventually support the transportation of no less than 5.5 million tons of oil a year. Once the pipeline’s capacity has been increased and construction of the oil loading terminal completed, Novy Port oil will be transported by sea all year round, Gazprom Neft writes in a press release.

As previously reported, the first oil from Novoportovskoye was tapped in 2013 and trucks have subsequently the last two winters transported thousands of tons of oil out on temporary winter roads across the local tundra.