First oil from Yamal

Gazprom Neft is ready to fuel the markets with oil from the Novoportovskoye field in Yamal

With trucks and railway, Gazprom Neft this winter transported the first 10000 tons of oil from the Novoportovskoye field in the Yamal Peninsula.


The oil was transported first by trucks 200 km on ice roads to Payuta, a station on the new Yamal railway line, and then subsequently taken southwards by rail.

“The high quality of the winter road and our developed logistical scheme has allowed us to successfully transport out the first oil from the field”, Denis Kashapov, company project leader told

As previously reported, Gazprom Neft in June 2012 started production at the Novoportovskoye, the biggest oil field in the Yamal Peninsula.

Gazprom Neft is currently investing significant sums in the Novoportovskoye project. The company, a subsidiary of Gazprom, intends to replace the winter ice road with a railway connection, and also develop port facilities enabling it to ship out oil through the Ob Bay.

The Novoportovskoye, located on the southeastern coast of the Yamal Peninsula, is the biggest oil field in the area. It holds an estimated 230 million tons of oil, as well as 270 billion cubic meters of gas. 

A key part of the infrastructure at Yamal has recently been developed by Gazprom in connection with several of the huge gas fields in the peninsula, among them the Bovanenkovo field.