Best bidder gets nuclear icebreaker deal

Russia is adding horsepowers to its Arctic icebreaker fleet. Illustration: Rosatomflot

Russia’s nuclear power corporation Rosatom announces a tender on the construction of a new class of icebreakers.


The ship is to be ready for sailing and delivered to Atomflot’s base in Murmansk by 30 December 2017, the announcement from Rosatom reads. The price for the vessel will be 37 billion RUB (€900 million), reports.

As previously reported, General Director of Rosatomflot, Vyacheslav Ruksha confirms that the expenses for the ship already are on his company’s 2012 budget.

“If everything goes as planned we will sign a construction contract in September and hopefully the constructing of the ship can start by the end of 2012,” Ruksha told BarentsObserver.

The 173 meter long and 33 thousand ton deadweight vessel will have a keel depth of 10,5 meters and be able to operate both in the Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas, as well as on the Yenisey River and in the Ob Bay. It will have two reactors of the type Ritm-200. The number of crew members will be 75.

As previously reported, Russia is now also building four diesel-engined icebreakers. One of them is under construction at the Baltic Yard.

Russia’s six nuclear icebreakers are all operated by the Rosatomflot, and are based at the Atomflot base in Murmansk.