Medvedev proposes Barents visa-free travel

PM Dmitry Medvedev wants Barents focus on infrastructure, industry and visa-free traveling

KIRKENES. The Russian prime minister wants to see new joint projects within the field of industry and transportation and proposes the introduction of Barents regional visa-free traveling.


Speaking at today’s Barents Summit in Kirkenes, Norway, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev highlighted the importance of infrastructure development, both on land an offshore.

A financial instrument for infrastructure development must be developed and this should be an issue of discussion also at the upcoming Barents Euro-Arctic Council meeting in Finland, Medvedev said.

Medvedev underlined that cross-border traveling must be facilitated and proposed to establish a regional Barents visa-free zone.

The Russian premier said that the Barents Euro Arctic Cooperation has over its 20 years of existence been an effective instrument for regional cooperation and a good way for bridging the involved regions. He also underlined that “perspectives are good” for the future of the cooperation.