Rogozin takes look at Finnish border

Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin (right) and Karelian Govenor Aleksandr Khudilainen (central) want a higher focus on the border to Finland.

Karelia needs more sivilized border crossing points to Finland, the deputy PM underlines during his visit to the region.


According to Dmitry Rogozin Russia should as soon as possible upgrade all its border crossing points to the neighboring Nordic country.

”The organization of operations at the state border – […] this is a question about the image of the state, the reputation of the country, it is about demonstrating the economic, political and cultural climate which has developed in the country,” Rogozin said in a meeting in the State Border Commission.

”The crossing of the border must be organized in a way which in the best possible way facilitates all procedures for our citizens and the citizens of the neighboring country”, the high-ranking state official added, a press release from the Karelian administration reads.

Rogozin chairs the Border Commission, which on Friday 4th October held a meeting in Petrozavodsk, regional capital in the Republic of Karelia.

The state border between Russia and Finland is one of the most busy of all Schengen borders with more than 10 million border crossings. The two countries have a total of nine border crossing points, among them three in the Barents Region.

The Russian deputy premier especially highlighted the need for reconstruction of the Syväor crossing point, as well as of the rail infrastructure at the Värtsilä point.

”We have a foreign state partner, which is ready to develop the crossing points, and synchronize their operations”, Rogozin said about authorities in neighboring Finland.