Norway wants additional visa-liberalization

White Paper from the Government says it will be easier for Russian citizens to get visa to Norway.


The High North report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlines the Governments northern and Arctic priorities. Norway’s cooperation and good relations with Russia is especially highlighted.

Eased visa regime is one way to strengthen this relations even more.

Norway has already eased its visa-regime for Barents Russians over the latest years. Today, citizens of the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Oblasts and Nenets Autonomus Okrug can obtain multi-entry visa to Norway, and by that the entire Schengen area, without holding a prior invitation from a Norwegian partner. This arrangement, called the Pomor visa, was introduced some few years ago.

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Now, more visa-liberalization could come. The White Paper reads that in anticipation of full visa-free travel regime with Russia, the Norwegian Government will in the current parliament period examine the current visa practice with the aim to introduce further relief for Russian citizens within the framework of the Schengen cooperation.

The current parliament period means within the coming two years period. The Government does not specify in which way further visa-relief will come.

The Government writes that the ultimate goal is full visa-freedom between EU, including Norway and Russia.