Mega-lux cruise to Murmansk

The "Seven Seas Voyager" is the largest cruise vessel that ever has sailed the Kola Bay. Photo: RSSC

One of the most luxurious cruise vessels in the world, the “Seven Seas Voyager”, will be the largest liner that ever has visited Russia’s Arctic capital when she makes port call in July 2014.


A master suit onboard the ship will cost you €40,179 if you want to enter Murmansk the most luxurious way possible. The recently announced summer 2014 program by Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the first time the 700-passanger and 445-crew vessel sails to Arctic Russia. Although Murmansk is just a one-day visit on a 28 days voyage, the passengers will get a real experience of the Russian north. Other destinations on the same cruise includes Svalbard, northern Norway, the Norwegian fjords and the Baltics.

“Seven Seas Voyager” is world famous for her luxurious atmosphere offering a private balcony for every cabin, four restaurants and fitness and spa center.   On the top, the vessel has a pool deck with bar, grill and observation lounge. 

Regional authorities in Murmansk highlights cruise tourism as a priority in the regions attempts to boost the numbers of foreign visitors. An improved passenger port is currently under construction near the city center.

Over there has been a sharp increase in international cruise-liners interest for sailing around the coast of the Barents Region in recent years. Last season, more than 400 port calls were made in northern Norway and Svalbard, up some 40 percent from 2011.

North Cape and Tromsø are the two single most popular cruise harbors in the Barents Region, but more exotic destinations, like Longyearbyen on Svalbard and Murmansk in Russia, also experiences an increase in visiting cruise vessels during the summer seasons.

Last summer, foreign flagged cruise vessels made port calls to Murmansk nine times.