Chinese company to build longest bridge in Northern Norway

The Hålogoland Bridge will shorten the drive between Narvik and Tromsø by 15 to 20 minutes.

Sichuan Road and Bridge Group is awarded a €93 million contract for the steelwork to the Hålogaland Bridge in Nordland.


China’s entry to the business of building infrastructure business in the Barents Region takes place north of Narvik when the construction of Hålogaland Bridge starts next year. 

With a main span of 1,145 meters, and a total length of 1,533 meters, it will be the longest suspension bridge ever built in the Barents Region.

The bridge and five new kilometers of road and two tunnels will shorten the E6 highway distance between Narvik and Bjerkvik with 19 kilometers. Opening is planned for 2017, according to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Sichuan Road and Bridge Group is one of the largest Chinese companies taking infrastructure contracts abroad. The company is awarded the steelwork contract worth NOK 755 million (€93 million), reports the regional newspaper Fremover.