New route linking Oulu with Norway

First passenger was welcomed with flowers Monday morning at Tromsø airport by Director Marthe Otte with Tromsø International Film Festival and Ivar B. Presbakkmo (right), responsible for transport and communication in Troms County.

First flight landed at Tromsø airport Monday morning. If proven successfully, the Barents Region will get its second east-west cross-border flight connection.


“This first flight is for promotion purposes and will bring participants from Oulu and Luleå to Tromsø International Film Festival,” says Marius Chramer to BarentsObserver. He is international advisor with Troms County Administration.

“Our goal is to establish a regular flight east-west, hopefully already starting this summer season,” says Marius Chramer. Five companies have announced interest in the route, but no invitation to tender is so far presented. 

In Finland, Oulu business interests and regional authorities share the Norwegian view that such airlink could be a commercial success. Oulu is, with its 190,000 inhabitants, the largest city in northern Finland and has a large concentration of technology and science companies and research institutions. Tromsø is the Arctic research capital of Norway. 

Next interregional flight between Oulu via Luleå in northern Sweden to Tromsø takes place on Janaury 19th with return on the 22nd. Also that route is for promotion purposes only and will bring participants to the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø. In total, four test flights will take place over the next few months. 

Troms County administration and Tromsø business association has conducted a market study that clearly indicate that such route is needed. 

The new route will be the second east-west flight connection in the Barents Region. Today’s single operating route goes from Arkhangelsk in northern Russia, via Murmansk to Tromsø.

Some years ago, a flight route between Luleå and Tromsø with stopover in Kiruna was closed down due to lack of passengers.