Tromsø-flight grounded, but may soon be back

Pskovavia operates on behalf of Nordavia the only international east-west route in the Barents Region, flying from Arkhangelsk, via Murmansk, to Tromsø in northern Norway.

What was the Barents Region’s only east-west flight, from Arkhangelsk to Tromsø via Murmansk, lacks permission and is no longer flying. Nordavia, however, hopes to see the Pskovaia operated aircraft soon landing in Tromsø again.


“I have been informed from Pskovavia that they have got temporary permission from Rosaviatsia,” says Aleksandr Galitski, Nordavia’s representative at the airport in Tromsø to BarentsObserver.

The route has stopped because the Norwegian Aviation Authority would need a formal approval of the company from Russia’s aviation authorities (Rosaviatsia) in accordance with the bi-lateral air transport agreement.

Galitski believes the route will start flying again sometime from the 15th to 20th November.

“We are currently preparing all papers for the November 10th commission meeting in Moscow and a week after we should have the permission from Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority,” says Aleksandr Galitsky.

Pskovavia has painted their logo on the nose of the plane.

The last flight on the route that for nearly 20 years has connected northern Norway with northern Russia took place last week.  

As previously reported by BarentsObserver, Norwegian aviation authority do not accept that Pskovavia is flying the route, since the license belonged to another airline, Arkhangelsk-based Nordavia. 

Flights have been grounded since the start of the winter season program this week.