Take off for Arctic airlink

Mayor of Tromsø Jens Johan Hjort (right) is applauding the opening of the direct gateway to Luleå and Oulu here at the international departure gate at Tromsø airport Monday morning. From left: Robert Forsberg with Arctic Airlink, Tarja Karvola, Norway's honorary consul in Oulu, Ivar Prestbakkmo with Troms Councty and Jonny Andersen, director of Tromsø airport.

NextJet’s flight 2N41 landed Monday morning in Tromsø for the first time with the only existing regular cross-border flights across the skies of the Barents Region.


The flight from Oulu in northern Finland, via Luleå in northern Sweden, to Tromsø in northern Norway is connecting the cities five times a week with a Saab 340 propeller. 

The three cities and the county councils are financially supporting the start-up of what currently is the only direct east-west connection within the Barents Region. 

Introduction price for tickets starts at SEK 1190 (€125) from Oulu or Luleå to Tromsø, substantially cheaper, not least to talk time-saving, than flying Oulu-Helsinki-Oslo-Tromsø.

The new inter-Nordic route by Arctic Airlink has teamed up with airlines like SAS, Widerø, Finnair and KLM/Air France making it possible for passengers to buy interline tickets so you could check-in and send your luggage to your final destination.

Both businesses and tourists are target groups for Arctic Airlink. 

Tromsø-Luleå route failed last time
In 2004, the Swedish company Barents AirLinks opened the first route between northern Sweden and Tromsø. With grants from EU’s cross-border financial programme Interreg, Barents Airlinks where flying from Luleå via Kiruna to Tromsø, the first years with a 12-seats propeller and from 2007 with a 19 seats jetplane.

The route was, however, not commercial profitable and closed down in February 2008.

The earlier existing flight operated by Pskovavia on behalf of Nordavia from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk to Tromsø is temporarily not operating.