Asian salmon comes to Murmansk via Arctic route

Fishery region Murmansk gets 3000 tons of salmon from the Russian far east.

In a bid to meet consumer demands in European Russia, company sends 3000 tons of frozen Pacific salmon across the Northern Sea Route.


The ice-class refrigerator ship ”Garmonia” this week arrived in Murmansk after a two week sailing from Russia’s Pacific coast. The shipload is the first of its kind sent across the Northern Sea Route by company Dobroflot.

The ”Garmonia” on 13th August left the port of Anadyr, and from the 16th got escort by nuclear-powered icebreaker ”Yamal”, the company informs in a press release.

The 3000 tons of fish will be distributed to buyers in Central Russia, where demand and prices have hiked following Russia’s sanctions against western exporters.

”Thanks to the Northern Sea Route we reduce costs for transportation and logistics and consequently offer reasonable prices for the consumers”, Dobroflot Director Aleksandr Yefremov says.

”This project is more important than ever”, he underlines.

In line with government policy of import phase-out, major volumes of Pacific salmon will this sold on the domestic Russian market instead of sent for export, the company informs.