1000 athletes gathered for Barents Games

Finland (blue) versus Russia in the final of Barents Summer Games volleyball competition in Oulu.

Sports in the Barents region have joined forces and established Barents Games. This weekend athletes from all over the region met in Oulu to compete in 14 differents sports during the Barents Summer Games. See our slide show from the competitions.  


Sports associations in the Barents Region have gathered all resources in making a joint sports event which they have called Barents Games. The event moves between Norway, Russia, Sweden and Finland annually and in it all started in 2014 when Tromsø hosted the Barents Winter Games.

This weekend the city of Oulu in Northern Finland invited athletes to Barents Summer Games 2015. The Games in Oulu became the largest sports event ever held with a Barents profile. 

As all competitions were completed in Oulu, the banners and equipment were sent with the buses to Murmansk. In April 2016 the Russian city will be the host of the Barents Winter Games. Se more about Barents Games on their website.   

Go here to see results from all events in Oulu.