Shtokman forever in mind

Gazprom continues negotiation with Shtokman potential partners

Shtokman project will never be excluded from the oil and gas industry list of strategic priorities according to vice Minister of Energy Kirill Molodsov.


He says that “from the technical point of view, we will need more than three years to develop the projects”, reports.

He underlines that Shtokman is the largest projects in the Arctic Seas in terms of volume of resources, difficulties of gas extraction and technologies to be used.

Last year Norwegian Statoil left the project, but now the company wants back. French Total - another Shtokman partner confirmed its readiness to continue the project development.

“There are consultations about technological scheme, terms of project realization as well as negotiations between Gazprom and potential consumers of the Shtokman LNG”, Molodsov says.

He also mentions that Russian Ministries currently work out tax exemptions and preferences for the shelf project.

Gazprom believes the project documentation for Shtokman LNG plant is to be ready in 2015.