Yamal will supply Europe with more gas

The second gas pipeline from Yamal to Europe via Belorussia can be built by 2019.

Putin assigns Gazprom to recall the second line of “Yamal-Europe” gas pipeline construction.


It will enhance reliability of gas supply through Belorussia to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. The project with an estimated $5 billion investment was set aside due to Nordstream and South Stream projects.

According to Gazprom’s head Alexey Miller, the second line of the pipeline can be constructed by 2018-2019, after the South Stream is finished.

The two kilometer “Yamal-Europe-1” gas pipeline was built in 1990-s and remains to be the most efficient gas pipeline, Miller told Putin. It delivers 33 cubic meters of gas to Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

The Yamal-Europe-2 is planned to be a branch of the first line. The idea of the second line was announced by Dmitry Medvedev in 2009. Its capacity can be up to 15 billion cubic meters of gas, ITAR TASS reported.