Princess in the wind

Crown Princess Victoria visits Markbygden, the huge wind farm project near Piteå, northern Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden pays visit to Markbygden, the Arctic forest lands which will host one of the world`s biggest wind farms.


When in full swing, the Markbygden project will produce up to 12 TWh of power. As many as 1101 turbines, some of them up to 200 high, will cover the skies of a 450 km2 big area in Norrbotten County, northern Sweden. The project construction which was launched in late September this year, will already by year`s end result in the erection of 36 generators.

When the project is completed, the Markbygden will deliver up to eight percent of the total Swedish energy demands, information from project developer Svevind reads. The project includes Enercon, the major German wind turbine manufacturer.

During her visit, the Crown Princess was lifted more than 100 meters up in the air by one of the huge project lifts. The Crown Princess is strongly interested in issues of alternative energy, a press spokesman for the royal family told newspaper Piteå-Tidningen.