Gazprom takes on Kara Sea

Gazprom has huge resources both in the Yamal Peninsula and the Kara Sea

The company considers to develop up to 20 offshore Kara fields, and to construct a LNG plant in the Yamal Peninsula.


The Russian gas monopolist, which is heavily engaged in the development of land-based fields in Yamal, could soon start the development also of offshore assets in the nearby Kara Sea.

Tender documentation obtained by Russian media shows that the company is looking for a contractor, which is to help explore up to 20 perspective structures and fields in the oil and gas-rich Arctic waters. Among the fields which are to be studied are Leningradskoye and Rusanovskoye fields, each of them estimated to hold at least 3 trillion cubic meters of gas.

According to newspaper Vedomosti, the tender will include also the construction of a LNG terminal in the Yamal Peninsula.

The construction of a LNG plant in Yamal will make it crowded at the far northern peninsula. From before, Novatek is in the process of developing its Yamal LNG project together with partners Total and CNPC and also considers to construct a second plant in the area. In addition, Rosneft leader Igor Sechin has signaled that his company considers to engage in LNG production in the peninsula.

Gazprom has for some time considered the option to produce LNG in Yamal and in 2012-2013 even negotiated with Novatek about a joint venture. Since then, however, Gazprom has first of all looked towards the Russian far east, where it is planning its Vladivostok LNG project.

Gazprom could ultimately also choose to export gas from its Kara Sea fields by pipeline. The company already has a pipeline which connects the great Bovanenkovo field in the Yamal Peninsula with the federal grid. That pipeline is due to get extended capacity, and could subsequently also include gas from new offshore fields.