Gas power plant for Yamal

The Novoportovskoye field facilities will need electric power as oil production starts in 2016

Gazprom Neft starts the construction of a 96 MW gas turbine electric power station as part of its Novy Port project.


The powerplant will supply the company’s Novoportovskoye oil project with the necessary electricity. It will be based on either natural gas or associated gas from the oil production, Gazprom Neft informs in a press release.

The first stage of the plant will produce 48 MW and will be ready in 2016. The plant will subsequently be expanded to 96 MW and then possibly to 144 MW, the company informs.

When in full swing, the powerplant will among the biggest of its kind in the Arctic. From before, Statoil has a gas powerplant in Hammerfest, northern Norway, for its Melkøya LNG plant. That power station has a capacity of about 215 MW electricity and 167 MW heat.

The Novoportovskoye field is Gazprom Neft’s major oil project located in the southern part of the Yamal Peninsula. When in peak production, the field will produce an annual 5,5 million tons of oil. Production is due to be launched in 2016. The Novoportovskoye oil will be transported out through the Ob Bay and to Murmansk.

The Novoportovskoye gas powerplant will provide field installations with up to 144 MW