Gazprom might sell offshore unit to Rosneftegaz

One of Gazflot's jack-up rigs, the "Amazon", in Murmansk. Photo:

The Russian gas company steps up its bids to sell the offshore drilling company Gazflot.


Gazprom leader Aleksei Miller confirms that negotiations with possible buyers are being held. Among them is Rosneftegaz, the state-owned unit, which owns more than 75 percent of Rosneft and 10 percent of Gazprom.

Gazprom has for some time expressed its interest in the selling of the subsidiary. “We consider Gazflot non-core business,” Miller said in an interview, reports.

As previously reported, also business tycoon Arkadii Rottenberg is believed to be among the ones interested in Gazflot. Rottenberg already in 2010 acquired the Gazprom Burenie (“Gazprom Drilling”) company for four billion RUB, and Gazflot might be a perfect complementary match.

Gazprom is believed to exit the Gazflot company ahead of the major planned investments in shipbuilding and offshore oil and gas facilities. Several dozens of tankers, service vessels, as well as rigs and platforms are planned built before year 2030, and investments will be counted in billions of dollars.

Gazflot focuses exclusively on the Barents Sea, the Pechora Sea, the Yamal shelf and the Ob and Taz Bays. It has a branch company in Murmansk.