StatoilHydro wants drilling in Lofoten from 2011

Lofoten waters

Norwegian oil major StatoilHydro wants to start drilling outside the vulnerable and resource-rich Lofoten Archipelago in 2011.


However, to make that happen, the Socialist Left party will have to exit the government coalition. The party, a junior partner in the Stoltenberg government, is a staunch opponent to the oil plans for the Lofoten waters. The Norwegian government decided that there would be no drilling in the area in the period 2005-2009. In 2010, the re-elected government of Jens Stoltenberg will decide whether to initiate a consequence study in the area. However, as noted by journal Teknisk Ukeblad, parts of the Lofoten area is already opened. And a consequence study has actually already been made for the area. Drilling was stalled in a political decision in 2001. That means that the Labour Party with support from other pro-oil parties in parliament could re-open the area already in 2011. That however will be without the Socialist Left Party. StatoilHydro’s Hege Marie Norheim confirms to that her company will start drilling in the area if the Socialist Left party exits the government coalition and the Labour Party gives the necessary green light.