New app reduces environmental impact from oil spills

The new app is expected to give shorter reaction time for clean-up after oil spills. (Ill. Marianne Henriksen, Kystverket)

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has developed a mobile application that makes mapping of oil spills easier and faster.


How large the impact from an oil spill occurrence is, depends on how quickly the clean-up begins. While operational crews before had to take notes using pen and paper and manually log the data in a map solution, they can no do registrations through a mobile application that makes the data accessible for the operation manages in real-time.

The new tool is called “strand-app” (beach app) and is developed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) in close cooperation with the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

“This new technology enables us to act faster, more efficient and with higher accuracy. It makes it possible to efficiently utilize the recovery resources in both tactical and operational management. In addition, we can reduce the environmental impact,” Project Manager and Senior Advisor at NCA Simen Slotta says to the organization’s website.

Registration iof oil spill is done in the field through the application. Marianne Henriksen, Kystverket

By introducing standardized objects and registration-forms that attaches to a detailed coastal contour, the new map-solution provides consistent and accurate data. Once the data is synchronized with the server, the information is accessible for all parties involved through the map-solution on mobile phones or tablets.

The developers say that the app will enable recovery crews to better prioritize when planning where to focus their efforts.  It will give a more accurate picture of ​​how many meters of shoreline is contaminated and give crews the necessary information for allocating resources and estimating costs for recovery operations.

The mobile application will be used in a larger oil spill preparedness exercise this autumn, the Norwegian Coastal Administration informs.