Kremlin: Nord Stream must not be politicized

Halonen, Medvedev (

The Nord Stream pipeline project should not be politicized, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev underlined in his meetings with Finland’s Tarja Halonen yesterday.


The Nord Stream pipeline was among the top agenda issues in yesterday’s meetings between the two presidents in Sochi, southern Russia. An adviser to the president told Finnish broadcaster Yle that “Russia repeated its stance that the issue of the planned Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic should not be politicized”.

The Nord Stream pipeline project has become a highly sensitive issues in Russia’s relations with neigboring countries in the Baltics, as several of the countries continue to express strong dislike with the project. As reported by BarentsObserver, Finland is now likely to give its official aproval of the project.

Among the other meeting agenda issues in Sochi were European security, timber trade and the Sochi 2014 Olympics, Yle News report.