Construction of new multipurpose sub started

Starting construction of "Kazan" (

The Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk this week started the construction of the second sub in the multipurpose Yasen class.


The new submarine named “Kasan” will be ready to deployment in 2011, deputy head of the Navy General Staff Oleg Burtsev says to Regnum. The nuclear powered multipurpose vessel will the second in the class. From before the “Severodvinsk” is under construction in the yard.

The Yasen class is called Graney in Nato classification. The class will be the core of Russia’s future multipurpose subs.

-This will be one of our best vessels, Vice Admiral Nikolai Borisov said in the opening ceremony. –It will be needed in all our fleets, he stressed,a press release from Sevmash reads.

As BarentsObserver previously reported, submarines of the “Graney” class will have a maximum speed of 16 knots surfaced and 31 knots submerged and they will be 119m long, 13,5m wide and 9,4m high. They will be armed with 24 cruice missiles of the type SS-NX-26