Nine subs to be scrapped

Radioactive subs

In 2009 Russia will utilise nine of its older nuclear powered submarines.


When the planned nine submarines are cut up during the year, the total number of decommissioned Russian nuclear powered submarines will reach 186, reports Izvestia with reference to Russia’s state nuclear body Rosatom.

Last year, 15 nuclear powered submarines were decommissioned, and for next year it is planned to utilise another 10 submarines. Most of the nuclear powered submarines are decommissioned at the naval yard Zvezdotchka in Severodvinsk, but also Nerpa on the Kola Peninsula and other naval yards in Russia’s Pacific region are scrapping older submarines.

Reactor compartments from the submarines decommissioned at Zvezdotchka and Nerpa are transported to the Sayda-bay, located between Murmansk and the border to Norway. Here, the still radioactive sections are lifted onshore and will be stored for a period of minimum 50 years.

Many of the nuclear powered submarines are decommissioned with economical assistance from other countries, among them Norway and the G8-member states.