International green standards in Shtokman project

Shtokman development

The Shtokman Development AG intends operate with two parallel processes on environmental monitoring — one Russian and one applied by the EBRD and the World Bank.


In a meeting with NGOs yesterday, SDAG representatives confirmed that the company will use both Russian monitoring standards, as well as standards supported by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the World Bank, the organization Nature and Youth reports in a press release.

In a press conference that same day, SDAG leader Yury Komarov indicated that the environmental monitoring standards of the EBRD and WB are being applied in order to facilitate credits from the two financial organizations, as well as to meet demands of project partners Total and StatoilHydro.

Still, environmental organizations fear that the Shtokman developers might not cope with environmental obligations. Leader of Nature and Youth Murmansk, Vitaly Servetnik, says he fears that the project developers might neglect environmental and social responsibilities because of time pressure. The project is already significantly behind the original time schedules, he maintains in the press release.

The SDAG insists that the field will be in production in 2013.


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