Getting ready for Shtokman development

Shtokman development

In the course of the next week, tender deadlines to a number of key contracts in the Shtokman project will expire, thus bringing the unprecedented Arctic energy project one step closer implementation.


Meanwhile, project partners Gazprom, Total and StatoilHydro continue to negotiate over the final investment decision, which is due early 2010.

The Shtokman Development AG, the project operator company, has posted 19 tender invitations on its website, 15 of which have a deadline before 8 June. Several of the contracts will constitute key parts of the Shtokman project, among them is the main EPC contract for the LNG plant, the LNG export terminal, installation of the offshore templates, as well as parts of the both land-based and offshore pipeline engineering.

In addition, tenders are held on operations such as the construction camp, medical services for construction personnel, Installation of fiber optic cables, archeological excavations, and much more.

Mr. Oddgeir Danielsen from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat says to BarentsObserver that the tenders show real progress and that the project partners remain determined to launch production in 2013. At the same time, he maintains that the construction part of the project will start only after a final investment decision is taken early 2010.