Governor wants more foreigners on Russian shelf

Governor of Murmansk, Yuri Yevdokimov, wants Russian oil companies to step up cooperation with foreign partners on the Arctic shelf and that the newest and most advanced technological solutions should be applied in joint projects.


Yuri YevdokimovIn his opening speech at the Arctic Shelf conference in Murmansk, the governor highlighted the Shtokman field as an Arctic “pioneer project”, reports.

-Over the next years, the Russian oil industry will develop the rich reserves of the Yamal Peninsula and the shelf. The pioneer project in the development of the shelf will be the Shtokman project, he said.

The governor also underlined that relations between Gazprom and foreign partners Total and StatoilHydro will be vital for the development of the project.

At the same time, he also underlined that Russia should use the experiences of the Shtokman project in other shelf projects.

-It is a vital task for the Russian state to make the [national] oil companies enter into unions with foreign partners on the Arctic shelf, using the newest and most advanced technological and transport solutions, he said to the conference participants.