Russian bombers with nuclear weapons?

Russian Tu-160

Defence analyst Pavel Felgenhauer says the bombers flying regularly along the northern Norwegian coast do sometimes carry nuclear bombs.


In an interview with Norwegian broadcaster NRK, the acknowledged researcher and analyst says that the strategic bombers do carry the dangerous weapons, despite confirmations about the opposite from Russian authorities. -First Putin said that battle preparedness includes the carrying of nuclear weapons. Then, later, they started saying that the aircrafts do not carry any such weapons. So, you see, it is not easy to say why they are actually flying, Mr. Felgehauer, says. From officials in the airbase of Engels, NRK is told that the aircraft only carry training missiles. Over the last couple of years, Russian strategic bombers have conducted a major number of operations in international air space, including along the Norwegian coast. The activities have spurred a higher level of preparedness also in the Norwegian airforce. Norwegian F-16 fighter jets are regular on their wings to indentify the approaching Russian aircrafts.