Norway arrested another Russian vessel

KV Svalbard

The Norwegian Coast Guard this weekend detained the second Russian trawler in less than a week. The vessel was detained by coast guard vessel “Svalbard” in the waters outside Spitsbergen.


The big Russian trawler “Nikolay Afanasyev” was arrested because of a suspected failure to register catch. The ship was later released after the issue had been “sorted out with Norwegian authorities”, reports. The detention comes less than a week after the Coast Guard detained the trawler “Korund” on suspicion of catch of small-size fish. So far this year, a total of five Russian vessels have been arrested by the Norwegians. The “Nikolay Afanasyev” has from before a record with the Norwegian Coast Guard. In early October last year, the ship was detained for illegal interception into Norwegian waters. The trawler was then accompanied to the port of Tromsø.