Russian trawler arrested in Spitsbergen waters

The Kordun (NRK/Kystvakten)

The Norwegian Coast Guard this week detained the Russian trawler “Kordun” and accompanied it to the port of Tromsø.


The trawler, which is owned by the Murmansk Trawler Fleet, is accused of having caught too big amounts of under-sized fish.

-The fish is too small according to Norwegian regulations, but according to Russian, trawler captain Nikolay Kravchuk says to

The fishing vessel was detained by Norwegian coast guard vessel “Svalbard”.

-The fishery protection zone is subjected to Norwegian law, Head of the northern Norwegian coast guard division, Steve Olsen, says to NRK. He confirms that major amount of small fish was onboard the Russian vessel.

The “Kordun” was arrested also in 2001. The trawler company had a 3,4 million RUB economic loss following the confiscation of catch.